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The verification & record system RadControl - II is an integral part of the x-ray systems T-160, T-200 und T-300.
For x-ray systems of the series T-105 the verification & record system RadControl - II is an option.


Integrated verification & record system RadControl -II

The verification & record system RadControl - II is a harware-independent console under MS-WINDOWS (R) operating systems to communicate with the device-control of WOmed therapy systems. All device functions are monitored and visualized. The intergrated database provides information for patients and treatments. The dosage is either by means of integrated planning system or by standard plans. Extensive reporting and administration functions round out the system to an efficient dose-planning and verification system. The multi-user network environment allows the simultaneous use of the system in working groups.


Integrated verification & ecord system RadControl -II

Visualisation of machine operation

• permanent visualisation of machine operation
• cleartext messages to the user
• supports patient and field photo
• shows the planned patient name, indication and body region
• shows the planned machine parameter
• shows the temperature of the cooling water
• warning tone during treatment


• patient main data with photo support
• supports surface and depth dose (with or without mask)
• supports standard plans
• supports copy and past of plans
• block of energy levels or applicators
• import of patient main data from different files (eg. HL-7)
• import patient main data from DICOM worklist (optional)
• import of external documents for patient and plan
• import of DICOM images, verification exposures (DICOM-SCP, optional)
• networkable


• different rights for each user
• multilingual (default: English and German, translatable to other languages)
• remote control and automatic triggering of PTW Unidos dosimeter
• shows maintenance messages
• supports a second screen in the treatment room

System requirements

• Microsoft Windows XP (32) professional or Microsoft Windows 7 (32) ultimate
• min. 2 GB RAM, min. 350 GB Harddisk
• screen resolution min. 1280x1024 (min. 17” TFT, VGA or DVI)
• additional VGA port, 1280x1024 (second screen in the treatment room)
• videograbber (MCI support, stand camera)
• sound card, speakers
• min. 7 x RS232 ports
• LAN 100/1000, TCP/IP protocol
• keyboard, mouse


Verification & record system RadControl - II - Presentation

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